Advice for building a collection

“It is pretty clear that the safest way if buying art is to purchase work by the very top echelon of artists, those who are found lining the walls of the world’s greatest museums and galleries”

Jussi Pylkkanen

Wise words from the president of Christie’s international, in an article in the Financial Times on the fifth of October 2017. But who can afford art in this price category? Not many.

There are other art works that one can purchase for less money and still have an increase in value. Some photographs have great profit margins.

Marcus Lyon

This photograph was estimated at £8000 at Christie’s and achieved in its second edition £52,000 in the auction. This is clearly a appreciation of value.

Buying tip

Don’t buy art just because a friend has a similar piece or you have heard about an artist at a dinner party!

Buy art that evokes a reaction in you. This can be either passion or provocation, but in any event, it should captivate you. With the help of your Art Advisor you should also look out for art that is valuable even in a volatile market.

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