Art as an Investment

Julia has presented, lectured and provided Key Note presentations to prominent clients of Asset Management Companies and to major Banks in Europe.

Art is an asset and it plays an important role in our society. Emotional motivation is the biggest driver for purchasing art. A strong emotional reaction can challenge your thoughts and opinion as well as the thoughts and opinion of others. Art can raise ones social prestige, it is a status symbol. Aside from this, it can diversify a portfolio and provide healthy returns on the investment.

As guest speaker, Julia’s lecture “Art as an investment” provides examples of investments in contemporary art, especially in comparison with auction results, but also in comparison with the S&P 500 and gold over a period of 1 to 15 years. She talks about how to establish an art collection and she gives important clues and insight for evaluating art.

Julia can provide real-world expertise, share market trends, styles and processes and present viable prospects for investment.

Fine Art Guest Speaker, London | Julia Campbell Carter
Art Guest Speaker, London | Julia Campbell Carter

“Art enriches lives and for me represents not only the cultural heritage of a nation, but also shows the cultural interest and status quo of every individual family. It is my passion to help everyone who shows an interest in art to build up a collection that they can be proud. I believe it is important to collect systematically, whether it is to collect one genre, one theme, one period, one artist or solely female or male artists. It is not advisable to collect something that is briefly “in fashion”, because fashion is seasonal and short-lived.

Professional advice within the finance market is common, so why not seek advice for the art market?

Hopefully I will have the opportunity to work with you and build you an art collection.”


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