Hot tip from an Expert - Jason Gringler

Jason Gringler studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design and quickly after his studies moved to NYC to be inspired by the city.

In his “steel-paintings“ the artist uses a large variety of industrial materials, such as acrylic, glass, mirrors, mesh, epoxy resin and steel, and yet at the same time he is using transparency and light.

All materials reflect the surroundings and the viewer, thus the spectator becomes part of the art work.

3 positions - six directions

Jason was also part of the exhibition 3 positions - six directions at Galerie König in Berlin together with Franz Erhard Walter, Steven Parrino, which was themed around construction, deconstruction and reconstruction and shows the deep understanding of Avant-garde art.

Personally, find the contrast between hard material and the beauty of reflection, mirroring and colour captivating.

I believe Jason Gringler is an artist to watch out for!

Hot Tip from an Expert – Jason Gringler