Solo Exhibition

Harry Rüdham

Harry Rüdham was born in London in 1996 and studied at Central Saint Martins and the Universität der Künste Berlin.

Rüdham’s paintings form a stylised observation of contemporary city rest in conjunction with the art historical depiction of the ‘reclining bather’: they are concerned with the public spaces of nature, counterbalancing the chaotic urbanised jungles. This interest in the nude bather challenges the perpetual ideas of the non stop city in a digital age.

He depicts bathers in expanses of endless colour presenting an ambiguity as to their actions of reclining, diving or falling. Against these miniature figures found in Rüdham's paintings many bold abstracted forms provide individual interpretation of beach towels & pools.

His recent work places his bathers in the clouds as a homage to the Wallace collection in London. Heavily inspired by the Rococo period Rüdham re imagines the cherub through his city bathers into a similar ambiguity. Painted in situ from his studio the work creates a bridge between abstraction and classical painting exploring a link between the decadence of of 18th century France and modern day London.

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