Frieze London 2018 

Angel Otero is an artist who really impresses me, because I can see where he is coming from and what direction he is taking. 

He has evolved from reproducing iconic paintings by artists such as Pablo Picasso and Nicolas Poussin to now creating richly textured paintings, still engaging with art historical themes, but also involving his own history and sense of self. 

His Puerto Rican background is recognisable through the colours and materials he now uses. 

I rate him as an established artist with huge potential to evolve even further. One of his artworks certainly is on my personal wish list. 

Many of you may already know the American neo-conceptual artist Jenny Holzer because of her often shocking slogans on everything from T-shirts and caps to LEDs and even condoms in New York in the late 70s and early 80s. 

The bench Protect Me From What I Want is particularly interesting, because here, Holzer created something that will last for hundreds of years, whereas her imprinted T-shirts are only short lived. 

What makes the bench stand out even more is the contradiction of its beauty and the text engraved in it. 

She currently has an exhibition at Tate Modern (until summer 2019). 

Frieze London 2018